Winter’s Approach, and Sexuality Week

This morning, Sunday, the frost has spread out over the land, licking up to the edges of the water, playing its spider-crystals from leaf to fence to the slippery road. Winter is on its way, and as the nights creep ever closer to the afternoon, with their wild jump forward at daylight savings time last weekend–the whole land is on its hunker down. It’s a good time for candles. It’s a good time to be cozy.

Landscape shot of hilly farmland, frosted over in the shadowy places.
Closeup of frost crystals on a fence post.

This week, the Gender and Sexuality student group at my school has led a number of activities for our annual Sexuality Week. From a religion and sexuality sharing circle to presentations about allyship to a poetry night and the culminating Ask a Queer Person Panel, it has been a week of good conversation, awareness, busy evenings, and affirmation.

A blackboard listing upcoming events to discuss sexuality issues.

The students at this school come from a huge array of contexts. Some of the LGBTQ+ students have grown up in very accepting communities; others face legal and social discrimination on a daily basis. And seeing how the conversation around these issues has evolved since I was these students’ age–I think it is still going in a good direction. There endures a lot of pain and a long way to go. But we’re all working, and growing, and fighting, and pushing, and sharing with one another. That’s good.

A blackboard that reads "How to Be an Ally" decorated with stars, hearts, and peace signs.

I’ll keep it short today. I’ve got much to do. I’d like to do some work on the short story I’m working on yet this morning, before meetings with students this afternoon.

Best wishes for the week ahead. How are you doing? Do let me know.

With love,

Closeup of a frost-covered leaf on asphalt.

One thought on “Winter’s Approach, and Sexuality Week

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  1. I adore the frosty leaf picture! I’m getting over a cold, so I’m in a hopeful mood. I’ve become obsessed with fingernail art, and my youngest daughter has also caught that fever, so we have a new thing to share. Neither of us is the kind of gal who would ever EVER have thought we would be talking about doing our nails! It’s so weird!

    Your students are really lucky to have a Gender and Sexuality class. When I was in school, people were still singing the song, “Is it a boy, or is it a girl?” (Yes, that was really a song.) Now, it’s odd to think that there are still a lot of people who still consider sexuality to be gender-binary. One of the reasons I stay on Facebook is to expose myself to people who still live in the socio-economic last century. I feel like, “Oh, that’s so cute! I remember the ’50s!”

    Well, you asked how I was doing….


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