A Quick Good Morning

We made it to Chicago in a quick burst of a day. An overnight in Bergen (you can’t get a ferry down there earlier than noon, and with a flight taking off at ten–), a fifty-five minute run through Amsterdam. This morning I wake up in Chicago, the big city, the million voices, the land so flat and so oak-treed, it feels surprisingly like home. We’ll be here for a couple days, visiting a relative of my husband’s. Then the journey onward, this good Christmas pilgrimage. We’ll be on to Billings next, where one year and one day ago, I find now looking back, this blog began. I’d like to reflect, this year of blogging. This morning is not the time to do it. But soon.

I did a little writing on the plane, was able to complete my first revision of a scene that had for a week been troubling me unresolved. I’m hoping to get more done during these weeks away. I’m hoping for a peaceful set of good reunions.

With love, wheresoever in the world we all are,

View of Chicago skyline out of an airplane window, airplane wing cutting across the sky.
Chicago skyline from above Lake Michigan, flying in yesterday.

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