Personal Style, or Set in Our Ways: The Importance of Change and Holding On–#AuthorToolboxBlogHop

This week's post is part of the monthly Author Toolbox Blog Hop. Check out other participants' posts here. The #AuthorToolboxBlogHop is a great way to connect with other writers and build our own repertoire of craft knowledge alongside. Check it out! A wonderful professor of mine, Deborah Appleman, once told me that life is a... Continue Reading →

Dialogue #1: Three Core Forms―#AuthorToolboxBlogHop

This week is my first time participating in Raimey Gallant's Author Toolbox Blog Hop. There are a lot of great blogs here on the hop providing resources to authors, and I'm excited to be taking part. Check at the others at the link above! Today's post is the first in a series on dialogue, throughout... Continue Reading →

Myths of the 3rd Person Narrator

Several weeks ago here on Words like Trees, we surveyed a range of common narrative points of view, from character-turned-narrator first person to free indirect style, omniscient, and close third person. In the weeks since, and in particular as I have been making my way slowly (very slowly) through the first volume and a half... Continue Reading →

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