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Fjord in Winter

When the tide recedes, great shards of frozen fjord shatter against the shore. The ocean leaves them there as it pulls back from the land, and they pile up in a jagged ruin that stretches all around the bay at Flekkefjord. When the sun is blazing and the tide is moving at its fastest, you... Continue Reading →

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Early June activities

After graduation, campus changes. Half the students depart, and we are left in a quieter place as the rest of spring unfolds, as the days stretch longer and longer (it's still light at 10:30pm now; I haven't stayed up late enough to check, but I think we have now entered that period of light when... Continue Reading →

Rowing a boat, and a few digressions

Spring keeps burgeoning out. Already the crocuses are a distant memory. Daffodils are fading now. In the woods, anemones and cuckoo flowers are everywhere. In our yard, a volunteer patch of forget me nots has sprung up. I'm used to forget me nots being a beautiful purple-blue, and a few of these are, but many... Continue Reading →

Spring species

Good weather has continued with just a couple of rainy days the last two weeks. Temperatures by mid-day have been up in the mid-teens (Celsius). Signs of life are beginning. Buds are pricking the trees. And after a winter hiatus, I've got the Seek app out again, identifying what new plants and animals I can.... Continue Reading →

Home sick

I avoided Covid-19 for nearly three years, but it has finally caught up with me. On Tuesday night, I began feeling a tingle in my throat. Wednesday resembled the beginnings of a cold. My fever began Thursday. It wasn't until Friday, though, when I heard that one of my colleagues had tested positive, that I... Continue Reading →

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