Writing Outside Our Own Identities: Representation, Research, Sensitivity Reading, and Justice–#AuthorToolboxBlogHop

This post is part of the monthly Author Toolbox Blog Hop. Check out other Hop participants' posts to learn about more aspects of writing craft and business, the third Wednesday of each month except for November and December. If we are writers who care about social justice, we have to interrogate our work. How do... Continue Reading →

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A world of bread

Fall and spring, we have a project-week at school, when students and staff organize a great array of learning away from normal classes. There are several projects going on simultaneously, and students opt for one. Last spring, my husband and I led a slam poetry workshop. This past fall, students approached me with a project... Continue Reading →

Busy life, and a couple updates

A quicker post today. I am the teacher on duty this weekend, and yesterday medical situations kept me down on campus a couple of hours past the norm. I'm also running the last day of a project-week of bread baking with students. Monday I begin oral exams for my English language learner students. It will... Continue Reading →

Where Meaning Comes From

My sister is, as far as I can tell, a financial genius. I might, with a knowing air, explain what "bonds" are to a class when teaching The Great Gatsby, but in a conversation with my sister, I realize quickly that I speak really with the self-contentment of naiveté. I might know my "bull" and... Continue Reading →

Fjord in Winter

When the tide recedes, great shards of frozen fjord shatter against the shore. The ocean leaves them there as it pulls back from the land, and they pile up in a jagged ruin that stretches all around the bay at Flekkefjord. When the sun is blazing and the tide is moving at its fastest, you... Continue Reading →

Philosophy in Fiction

My junior year of high school, I took an elective English class entitled Philosophy in Literature. We thirty teenagers and one brilliant, grandfatherly teacher crowded into that classroom to sift our way from Bishop Berkeley to Plato's Cave, Bertrand Russell to Kierkegaard to Kant's Categorical Imperative. All of these thinkers were brand new to me,... Continue Reading →

Copyright and the Public Domain

Copyright is of course a blessing for writers--it's there to maintain our rights to our own work, sanctioning those who would copy it or pass it off as their own. Copyright helps keep artistic work a viable industry. But from the other side, the writer who wants to incorporate quotations or references to others' works... Continue Reading →

Writing Goals for a New Year

We arrived back in Norway to an incredible winter pageant. A couple inches of snow was encrusted everywhere by the most overwhelming display of ice crystals I have ever seen. Half and inch to an inch long, flat and shiny, sparkling, brilliant blue, the whole world was growing these crystal shards somehow like metallic mushrooms,... Continue Reading →

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