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Fjord in Winter

When the tide recedes, great shards of frozen fjord shatter against the shore. The ocean leaves them there as it pulls back from the land, and they pile up in a jagged ruin that stretches all around the bay at Flekkefjord. When the sun is blazing and the tide is moving at its fastest, you... Continue Reading →

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Home sick

I avoided Covid-19 for nearly three years, but it has finally caught up with me. On Tuesday night, I began feeling a tingle in my throat. Wednesday resembled the beginnings of a cold. My fever began Thursday. It wasn't until Friday, though, when I heard that one of my colleagues had tested positive, that I... Continue Reading →

After a while, publishing a piece

On the second of January, I had a flash fiction piece published with Electric Literature's The Commuter. It had been about two years prior to this since my last publication, and I had been feeling discouraged. I am feeling grateful and reaffirmed to be able to get this piece out there, and it has been... Continue Reading →

Busy Christmas

Routines get upended during the holidays. My eight-month-old nephew, who is so sweet, has had his routines disrupted this last week by the Christmas festivities, as well as by his visiting and overly-excited uncles. He gets cranky. He refuses to go down for a nap. I've been privately saying to him, "I'm with you, mister!"... Continue Reading →

2022 Writing Goals Review

For the last two years, I have been setting strategic writing goals for myself to help me keep moving in the direction I want to go. My writing goals in 2021 helped me increase productivity and direct my energies towards the parts of my writing work that felt most important. In 2022, I updated my... Continue Reading →

Must a story have a message?

In my English literature class this term, we have been working on writing theme statements. When we read the two novellas in Banana Yoshimoto's Kitchen, we wrote something like this: "Yoshimoto expresses the idea that we can move towards healing from grief by forming human relationships and seeking acceptance." The theme statement helps us wrap... Continue Reading →

Just a few pictures of clouds

I need to keep it short this weekend. This weekend I'm meeting with my writing group and have stories of theirs to read and comment on. And then I've signed up for another writing class that I'm doing over this weekend, about short story beginnings, also through One Story, since I had such a good... Continue Reading →

Ålesund in panoramas

I can't stop taking scenery pictures. When a vista opens up before me, when the sky clears out crystal-blue, when birch trees turning yellow catch the light, I my phone emerges from my pocket. I say to myself, remember this moment, and I snap a picture. Hundreds of these landscapes appear on my phone. I... Continue Reading →

Plugging away on a draft

My writing projects these last few months have been short stories. I'm using what I learned in the short story writing class I took through One Story this past summer, which used core principles of dramatic structure to map out conflict, and I think this is helping me make my stories more engaging for readers,... Continue Reading →

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